Who is Built When Broken designed for?

BWB is designed for anyone and everyone. Our brand is meant to help guide the broken, but also encourage the healed. 

Where are Built When Broken Headquarters?

Our brand is located in Greenville, North Carolina but we hope to spread the movement all over the US and hopefully someday the entire World.

How long does it take for Built When Broken products to ship?

Our products are put into production as soon as you hit the place order button. BWB merchandise ships in 5-7 days depending on the product so you can be wearing your products in no time!

How can I support Built When Broken?

We are so appreciative of your support so far! If you would like to show your support of BWB shout us out on Instagram @Builtwhenbroken.(You have the chance to be featured on our website or Instagram when you do this.) Other than that just wear your BWB products and help spread our message of God's love!